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5x Socks annoyances

Socks keep our feet warm and we wear them every day. But they can be pretty annoying. These are the 5 annoyances that you probably recognise.

How to style a shacket

What do you wear when you melt in your winter coat, but it’s too chilly to wear a summer coat? A shacket will do! In this blog you read everything about the shacket and how to style it.

Denim Guide: Find the best jeans for your body type

Summary Every woman is beautiful and unique, but how do you find your best pair of jeans? In the Denim Guide you read everything jeans, bodies and how to find a fit that hugs you in the right places.

Rock your business suit with these dress shoes!

Business suits make all men look incredible, but shoes add the finishing touch. These dress shoes rock your business suit.

The best shoes to wear in snow

It’s snowing! The wintery landscapes makes you want to go outside to have fun. And the fun start with having warm, watertight shoes. In this blog you read all about what shoes are best to wear in the snow!

5x the most iconic Nike Air Max trainers of all time

The list of Nike Air Max has become endless, but which models are the true classics? These 5 iconic models of the Nike Air Max trainers are real must-haves!

How to keep your denim jeans looking brand new

Almost everyone owns at least one pair of jeans. Once you’ve found your perfect pair, you want to enjoy for years. How do you keep your denim jeans looking brand new?

10 essential handbags every woman needs

A woman and her handbag are a match made in heaven. You prefer to have plenty of bags to match all your outfits. But what if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on dozens of bags? Just make sure you own these 10 essential bags!

How polluting is one garment?

On a massive scale, we buy clothes without knowing how damaging this is to the environment. To raise awareness, we tell you how polluting just one garment is.

How to wash your skiwear

The winter sports season is upon us and that means that you have to wash your skiwear. With these tips washing your skiwear is a piece of cake.

Winter sport: how to pack your suitcase efficiently

You always have to pack a lot when you go on a ski trip. Here are tips on how to pack your suitcase efficiently and never lack space.

How to find sunglasses that fit

Usually you choose a pair of sunglasses based on their looks and you don’t pay attention to the measurements. Yet it’s important to know these if you want to find out if the glasses will fit. That’s why we tell you all about sunglasses, how they should fit and what you have to check.

How to apply self-tanner with no streaks: with these 10x tips it can’t fail

It’s quite difficult to get a nice summer glow when you’re at the office all day. Without seeing any sun, it’s hard to show off your legs once the summer comes along. No worries, self-tanner is all you need! But how do you apply this evenly without getting any streaks?

What to wear when temperatures rise?

What if it’s tropical warm and you haven’t got a clue what to wear? We are here to help you stay as cool as possible; these clothes are best to wear when temperatures rise.

Exercising on vacation: how to stay fit on your holiday

Sun, sea, beach and exercise! It’s unlikely that this comes to mind first when you’re on holiday, but it is important to stay in shape. How do you do your exercises when you’re on vacation? Read all about how to stay fit during your trip!