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9 Ways to style a slip dress

Slip dresses are on of today’s hottest trends! The slip dress is a versatile, classic and chic dress that offers unlimited possibilities for layering. If you’re searching for inspiration, here a 9 ways to style a slip dress.

How long does self-tanner last? 6 ways to extend your tan!

A sun-kissed glow is what a lot of people crave. The downside of self-tanner? It fades and doesn’t last long. But how long does self-tanner last? We’ve got you covered and give you 6 ways to extend your tan!

How to style a cardigan? 9x styling tips and ideas

The cardigan is the best layering piece. From summer to winter, cardigans can transform your outfit, no matter where you’re going. Everybody loves this knit, so here’s how you can style a cardigan.

Are Veja trainers true to size? Find the perfect fit for all!

The minimalist retro trainers by Veja are fashionable and sustainable. Are you looking for a pair? We tell you if Veja trainers run true to size and what size is best for you.

Is Puma true to size? Size guide to find your perfect fit!

Do you have your eyes set on a pair of Puma trainers, but need some extra help with the shoe sizing? We’ve got you covered! Read on to find out which size will fit you best.

How to choose a watch? A guide to buying a watch

Watches come in all shapes, sizes, colours and price ranges. Whether you’re looking for a trendy or a classic piece, a watch finishes your outfit. Choosing a watch can be tricky, but we’ve got you covered. We give you tips on how to choose a watch that’s perfect for you.

How to wear a jumpsuit? 13 Styling tips and ideas!

A jumpsuit is a stylish alternative to a dress. It’s the most essential garment to any closet, but styling a jumpsuit can be intimidating. In this blog, you read how to wear a jumpsuit, and we have 13 styling tips and ideas.

How to clean a watch? 3 easy step-by-step cleaning tips

Just like jewellery and other accessories, your watch needs maintenance. Remnants of dirt and sweat make your watch look dirty and dull. There’s no need to panic though! Cleaning your watch is a piece of cake, and we give you 3 easy DIY tips so you can clean your watch.

What is a dad shoe? 5 ways to style dad shoes!

They may not be the prettiest, but the dad shoes are trendier than ever! But what are dad shoes? And how do you style them without risking looking like your dad in the 90s? We tell you what a dad shoe is and give you 5 ways how to style it!

Does perfume expire? Ways to tell that your fragrance has gone off!

Perfume has an expiry date and doesn’t last for decades, unfortunately. But what is the lifespan of your signature scent? Find out how long your favourite fragrance lasts and how to tell if your perfume is expired.

Can you put Adidas shoes in the washer? Easy step-by-step cleaning tips

Are you favourite Adidas trainers dirty and do they smell funky? We’ve got it covered! In this blog you read if you can put Adidas shoes in the washer, plus how to follow the 6 easy step-by-step cleaning tips.

What is a skort? 8 ways to wear a skort

The skort is turning in to a wardrobe staple. Skorts are comfortable, easy to wear to many occasions, plus they elongate the legs and make you look taller. Want to find out more? We tell you what a skort is and give you 8 styling tips.

Does sunscreen expire? Find out how long sunscreen lasts!

Hello sunshine, bye-bye untanned legs! Good protection is essential when you head out into the sun. But can you still use last year’s sunscreen? We tell you all about the shelf life of sunscreen, so you can safely enjoy the sun.

Where to spray perfume? 10 key spots for an amazing smell

Applying perfume is not rocket science, but there is more than meets the eye to it. Where you spray perfume and how much you spritz can impact how long it’ll last on your skin. Spray your fragrance on one of the 10 key spots and smell amazing!

How to shave to get rid of razor bumps? 8 Ways to prevent shaving rash

Shaving is easy, painless and relatively inexpensive, but your skin can be prone to itching and red bumps. These 8 tips will help you prevent red bumps after shaving. Hello beautiful, silky smooth skin!

Can you wash Skechers? Easy step-by-step cleaning tips

Skechers devotees can’t go a day without wearing their favourite shoes, but what do you do when your trainers start looking dingy? Time to give them a proper wash! Of course you don’t want your shoes to get ruined. With the easy step-by step cleaning tips you can wash your Skechers and they’ll be as good as new.

How to wear flare jeans: 13 ways to style flare jeans

The ultimate 70s throwback has entered the fashion scene once again! Forget about your skinny and straight jeans for a moment and try the cool and vintage-looking flare jeans. Flare jeans are fun and easy to style and we’ve collected amazing styling tips.

What is Black Friday? Why Black Friday is called Black Friday!

Towards the end of November, (online) shopping is all about Black Friday. You need to do your Christmas shopping anyway and it’s always fun to pay less. But what is Black Friday? And why is Black Friday called Black Friday? We tell you the ins and outs!