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How to wear a bucket hat: 8 ways to style your bucket hat

The bucket hat is the ultimate retro accessory and is here to stay. No matter your style, there’s a bucket hat that suits you. We tell you what a bucket hat is and how you can wear it.

What is a quartz watch and how does it work?

There is a lot to think about when you want to treat yourself to a new watch. So many models and what movement is best for you? To help you out, we tell you what a quartz watch is and how it works.

How to lace Nike Air Max? 5 ways to lace all Nike trainers

Your newest Nike Air Max are to die for, but your friend, colleague and neighbour wear them too. But you can add a personal touch by tying your laces differently. We give you 5 cool ways to lace your Nike trainers.

Where to apply concealer? 11 hacks and tips

Concealer can do so much more than correct imperfections. Besides covering under-eye circles and spots, you can use your foundation for contouring and highlighting your complexion. We give you 11 tips on where to apply your concealer for a radiant look.

How to clean Birkenstocks? Easy step-by-step care tips

Whether you love chunky sandals or comfort, it’s likely that you’ve worn your Birkenstocks so much that they need some proper cleaning. With our easy step-by-step care tips you restore your sandals in no time!

What sunglasses suit me? Choose the right glasses for your face shape

Finding your perfect pair of sunglasses can be tricky. It’s all about your face shape, hair colour and skin undertone when it comes to finding out what flatters you. We answer the question: what sunglasses suit me?

Do you put concealer on before or after foundation?

One of the most common beauty inquiries of all time: concealer or foundation, which comes first? We answer the age-old question: do you put concealer on before or after foundation?

How to clean canvas shoes: washing tips for canvas trainers

Canvas trainers look amazing and go with many styles, as long as they’re clean. No matter how scruffy your well-loved pair canvas shoes look, don’t throw them out just yet. We tell you how to clean your canvas shoes so that they will look as good as new.

What is carat in gold?

You probably already knew that gold is indicated in carats, but what does that mean? And how many carats in gold are the best? We answer all your questions about carat so you can purchase the perfect gold jewellery!

Running shoe size: how to find the right size

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, running shoes that fit well is the first step to a great run. Before you do any investments, you need to know how running shoes should fit. We tell you how to find the right size running shoes.

How to find the concealer shade that matches your skin tone

To get a flawless look, concealer is a staple in your cosmetics bag. There is a tonne of different uses for concealer, but you have to use the right concealer shade. We help you tackle all the uses for concealer plus we help you choose your right shade.

How to tell if a Gucci bag is real? 9 ways to tell real Gucci bags

There’s nothing like finding the perfect Gucci bag at the right price at the right time. To make sure you don’t accidentally purchase a fake Gucci bag, we give you 9 tips on how to tell if a Gucci bag is real.

What is a trench coat? 5x ideas on how to wear it!

The trench coat is an iconic fashion staple that adds class and elegance to your style. The timeless coat is here to stay. We tell you all about the trench coat and how to wear it.

What is cubic zirconia?

Do you want a sparkling piece of jewellery, but you can’t afford a diamond? Then cubic zirconia is an excellent choice! We’ll explain what cubic zirconia is and how they differ from diamonds.

How to style Dr. Martens: 5x ideas for what to wear with Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens is a seasonless wardrobe staple. Have you been wondering how to style your Docs? We’ve got you covered. There are countless ways to style these iconic boots! We give you 5x ideas on how to style your Dr. Martens boots.

What is concealer and how to apply it?

Pimples, dark circles or red spots, concealer is indispensable in your makeup bag. But what is concealer? And how do you apply it? Plus which one is best? Welcome to the world of concealers!

Running gear for beginners: 9x essentials for every runner

Running is a low-maintenance sport, but what running essentials do you need for your jog? We tell you what running clothes and accessories you need as a beginner to tackle your miles.

How to mix gold and silver jewellery? 6x tips to wear metals together

Mixing and matching gold and silver jewellery is very fashionable and looks great on everyone. Do you find that sporting both silver and gold jewellery is complicated? In this blog you read everything about wearing these colours at the same time, so you look en vogue.