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We all hope to find the best deals without having to spend hours and hours scouring countless webshops. For this reason, at SuperSales we gather and compare the many deals of hundreds of webshops all in one place. Thanks to our handy filters, you will find all deals based on your personal preferences in a flash. Is your favourite item not yet on sale or would you like to put together a wishlist with all your favourites? Then sign up to SuperSales and discover the many advantages we have to offer you.

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When you're searching for something to buy, you’re not expecting to see a page full of advertised products that don’t match your wishes. For this reason, we do things differently here at SuperSales. At SuperSales the best deals are at the top of the page, not the shop that pays us the most. By doing this, we ensure that uninteresting products aren’t prioritised. On top of this, we never share your private information with third parties or use tracking cookies (or any other methods) to follow you. This way the customer is always number 1!

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You’ve finally found a good deal, but the website doesn’t seem reliable, the delivery time is three weeks and the cost of returning the product is 15 pounds. In order to avoid such unpleasant surprises, at SuperSales we select only the most trustworthy webshops. With us, you are guaranteed not to find shady webshops or offers from faraway countries.

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  • Pim van den Broek Jochem Prins Ron Smits Tamara van de Graaf

Our story

It all began in 2014 when two friends decided they’d had enough of their favourite items always selling out so quickly during sales. Surely there was a solution for this problem? No sooner said than done: SuperSales was founded. The platform became a hub for the best clothing deals from the best webshops around in order to make things easier to find. Nowadays, you can find and compare all available offers from hundreds of shops, all at SuperSales. Through the years we have grown in both selection and shops as well as on an international level. For example, you can now shop in Belgium, Germany and here in the United Kingdom through SuperSales and we have expanded our selection to include beauty, sport and home among other things. In the meantime, we have grown to become the Netherlands’ biggest comparison site in the field of fashion, sport and beauty, a feat we are enormously proud of! Happy shopping at SuperSales!