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Tommy Hilfiger discount statistics

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Statistics for this brand

Total number of products4,537
Number of products on sale2,412
Percentage of products on sale53%
Number of shops with Tommy Hilfiger supply22
Maximum discount on Tommy Hilfiger83%
Distribution of the discount rate of the Tommy Hilfiger sale

About Tommy Hilfiger

If you are looking for a luxury item, then Tommy Hilfiger is the place to be! Since 1985, the brand has been known and loved for its American heritage style. You recognise the characteristic blue, red and white colours from a distance, which makes the Tommy Hilfiger items even more wanted. Tommy Hilfiger carries a wide range of fashion items for the entire family.

The history of Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger, the designer and founder of the brand, named the brand after himself. Little Tommy was born in 1951 in Elmira, New York. Thomas Jacob Hilfiger, his full name, was the second child of nine in an Irish-American family. Hilfiger’s father ran a jewellery shop, and Tommy’s mother worked as a nurse.

Tommy did not do well in school. He spent most of his time daydreaming, and eventually dropped out. He started his own clothing company before he reached his senior year in high school. He invested all his savings in 20 pairs of jeans to sell in his shop, The People’s Place. His shop caught on with the local youth thanks to the hippy-style items and flared bottoms. Within a few years, it grew into a chain of 7 shops. Years later, Tommy went bankrupt, and his company went out of business in 1976.

Hilfiger decided to move to Manhattan, New York to make a career in the fashion scene. He started working as a designer at Jordache Jeans, but got fired. While many famous designers, like Perry Ellis and Calvin Klein, offered him a job, Hilfiger decided to work at the international clothing manufacturer, Mohan Murjani. Together, they launched the first men’s collection under the name Tommy Hilfiger in 1985.

Tommy Hilfiger’s first campaign

Tommy Hilfiger may not have done well in school, but he certainly has an eye for marketing. His first campaign in 1985, with the collaboration of Georges Lois, was immediately noticed. The launch campaign was in Times Square, and did not feature any stunning model or even fashion. It only showed an immense billboard with the names of the greatest American designers of that time: Ralph Lauren, Perry Ellis, and Calvin Klein. Tommy Hilfiger counted himself among them in the now world-famous logo. It did not take long before everyone in the United States knew that a new lifestyle brand had entered the fashion world. 

The popularity of Tommy Hilfiger

It was not until the 1990s that Tommy Hilfiger became popular, mainly due to the hip-hop industry. The hip-hop culture emerged, and rappers like Snoop Dogg regularly wore Tommy Hilfiger clothes. The free publicity made the sales of Tommy clothes skyrocket. Tommy Hilfiger also sponsored concerts by the world’s most famous artists, like the Rolling Stones’ No Security Tour and Britney Spears’ first concert ever.

Despite the brand’s popularity in the 90s, things went downhill rapidly in the early 2000s. Tommy Hilfiger had to sell the company to none other than Calvin Klein owner Philip van Heusen.

But Tommy Hilfiger made a comeback, and the clothes are now more popular than ever. Hilfiger doesn’t only join forces with musicians; may famous athletes are on the long list of collaborations as well. The brand has already released several collections with Lewis Hamilton.

Tommy Hilfiger logo

You might not immediately notice it, but the letter H shows in the Tommy Hilfiger logo. If you turn the logo a little, you can spot the H through the blue stripes on the sides, and the red and white area in the middle. The colours red, white and blue symbolise the American flag, and the Tommy Hilfiger brand is famous for its timeless essentials in American Heritage style.

Tommy Hilfiger and sustainability

Tommy Hilfiger is all about sustainability. The brand may not solve world problems like climate change and inequality, but with Tommy for Life, the brand takes the lead in sustainable fashion and circularity. Tommy for Life focuses on repairing and altering garments to create a new item. Do you have Tommy Hilfiger items you no longer wear? Don’t throw them away, but turn them in at a Tommy Hilfiger retailer. It’s okay if the clothes are dirty or torn: the talented tailors make them as good as new, so somebody else can enjoy them. This way your clothes last longer, which benefits the environment.

Buy Tommy Hilfiger clothes

Do you want to buy amazing Tommy Hilfiger items with great discounts? Then SuperSales is the place to be! You easily compare all prices of Tommy Hilfiger garments, so you can purchase your favourite items and pay less. Young or old, man or woman: Tommy Hilfiger’s clothes are for everybody. Anyone can find a gorgeous dress, cool trousers, the best jeans, and the most comfortable shoes. Tommy Hilfiger even carries the coolest accessories, like bags! True Tommy Hilfiger devotees can shop their entire outfit, because the iconic brand even has a jewellery line!

Why you want to buy Tommy Hilfiger clothes

The red, white and blue logo is characteristic of Tommy Hilfiger’s clothes. Tommy Hilfiger’s style, especially the timeless classics, is extremely popular among both young and old, thanks to the amazing quality and the infinite combinations you can make with all items. You can mix and match all Tommy Hilfiger clothes, and create your own unique style. With Tommy Hilfiger, you can dress casually or more business-like. The choice is yours! The brand constantly continues to reinvent itself, and collaborates with today’s most famous people. Since the brand collaborated with supermodel Gigi Hadid, Tommy Hilfiger’s popularity is at an all-time high.

Tommy Hilfiger sale

 Tommy Hilfiger breaths premium quality. Compared to other major brands, Tommy Hilfiger clothes are less expensive. Is the price not within your budget, and are you a genuine bargain hunter? Here are tips so you can buy all your Tommy Hilfiger clothes in the sale and pay outlet prices.

#1 Shop during the sale

The sale starts when the new Tommy Hilfiger collection hits the shops. For the summer collection, it’s in July or August. The winter collection goes on sale in January or February. During these months, you can even get a 70% discount on Tommy Hilfiger items! The longer you wait, the better the offers. This can be tricky, since your size or favourite colour may be sold out.

#2 Sale Alert

Be the first one to know about the best Tommy Hilfiger promotions, and set up a Sale Alert at SuperSales. All you have to do is log in to your personal account and indicate that you would like to receive Tommy Hilfiger offers. Select the category, size and colour et voila, you’ll receive the best offers in your mailbox from now on. Happy shopping!

#3 Look out for bargains

This may sound familiar: you’re looking for a cool Tommy Hilfiger jumper. While scrolling, you come across a pair of amazing trainers. Even though the offer is hard to resist, you skip the shoes and continue your search for the perfect jumper. It’s clever to think ahead when shopping for Tommy Hilfiger items. You may not need the shoes now, but in a few months you will. You risk missing out on that great offer. Think ahead and you’ll never miss amazing offers again!

Are Tommy Hilfiger children’s clothes true to size?

The Tommy Hilfiger baby and children’s collections are very popular thanks to the American preppy style. The clothes are true to size, but there’s a difference in the boys’ and girls’ collections. Generally, the boys’ clothes run a little smaller than the girls’ clothes.

Tommy Hilfiger fun facts

  • Tommy Hilfiger had only $150 in his savings account when he opened People’s Palace
  • Tommy Hilfiger refers to the bankruptcy of People’s Palace as his ‘own MBA’. (Masters in Business Administration)
  • Susie Cirona, the creative director of People’s Palace, became Tommy Hilfiger’s wife. The couple married and had 3 children: one son and two daughters. Tommy and Susie have been divorced for years and Hilfiger’s now remarried.
  • The first campaign with George Lois cost 3 million dollars! Hilfiger’s budget was only $200.000.
  • Tommy Hilfiger sold jeans from his car before he opened People’s Palace.
  • Tommy Hilfiger started experimenting with designing clothes when he opened People’s Palace.
  • Ally Hilfiger, Tommy’s daughter, participated in the reality show Rich Girls. The show aired on MTV in 2003. 

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