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Superdry discount statistics

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Statistics for this brand

Total number of products12,318
Number of products on sale3,372
Percentage of products on sale27%
Number of shops with Superdry supply10
Maximum discount on Superdry70%
Distribution of the discount rate of the Superdry sale

About Superdry

Superdry was founded in 2004 by Julian Dunkerton and James Holder after they travelled to Japan. There was a high demand for quality clothing, and they launched their first collection. It consisted of only 5 T-shirts, including the legendary Osaka 6. With the 5 shirts, Julian and James put their style on the map: Japanese influences paired with American vintage and British styles.

The first Superdry collection was a huge success, and the brand expanded with jumpers, trousers, and a women’s collection. And the rest is history. Today, Superdry is one of the most famous brands of all time.

Superdry sale

Many people want to have one (or more) Superdry pieces in their wardrobes, but Superdry items are not inexpensive. What to do? No worries! Shop Superdry at SuperSales! In the summer and winter sales, you can get lots of items at fantastic prices. Super offers on Superdry included! In addition to the regular winter and summer sales, there are also Superdry promotions so you can get amazing deals. Sometimes even the latest collection is on sale!

Superdry outlet

What if you could not, would not want to wait for the Superdry sale? No worries! All you have to do is go to the Superdry outlet and find the items you love for less. SuperSales has a Superdry outlet all year round, so you can always find the best items at the best prices. The Superdry outlet offers remaining items from previous collections at amazing discounts. The Superdry outlet is perfect for all ladies and gents who just want to look their best without following the latest fashion trends.

Superdry winter coat

Warm, cool, and super comfortable: Superdry winter coats are a staple for every wardrobe. Back by popular demand, the coats are here to stay for years to come. Most Superdry winter coats are quilted to stay true to the American vintage and British styles. But Superdry winter coats don’t only look good, the quality is equally superb. And, last but not least, the winter coats have the typical Superdry fit we all love: not too snug and not too loose. Best of all: Superdry winter coats are always on sale at SuperSales!

Superdry hoodies

Are you looking for Superdry hoodies? SuperSales is the place to be! At SuperSales, you effortlessly compare prices and find the best deals. Whether you’re looking for a hoodie that features the cool Superdry logo, or a basic one that goes with everything: you can find the item you love in the Superdry sale. Take care of yourself with a comfortable Superdry hoodie. By paying less for the hoodie you adore, you take care of your wallet as well.

Superdry T-shirts and polos

The story of Superdry began with only 5 T-shirts. To be fair and square, we cannot imagine life without them. The popularity of the Superdry T-shirts and polo shirts has been going steady for years, and not without reason. The quality of the shirts is superb, and most Tees and polos feature the Superdry logo, including the typical Japanese characters. Patches and artworks are also commonly featured on Superdry T-shirts and polos. Would you love to wear those amazing Superdry T-shirts, but don’t want to pay full price? Check out the Superdry T-shirts and polos sale!

Superdry retailers

Sit back and relax! You can shop for Superdry clothes any time that suits you from the comfort of your own home. At SuperSales, you simply compare the prices of your favourite Superdry items and buy them directly from the shop that has the best offers. All Superdry retailers on SuperSales meet our high standards, so you always know that you’re buying from a reliable shop.

Superdry fun facts

  • Superdry is an all British brand and doesn’t have anything to do with Japan. Thanks to the Asian graphics, most people think it’s a Japanese brand, but nothing could be further from the truth. You can’t even buy Superdry in Japan!
  • The name Superdry was born in a bar in Tokyo. During a brainstorming session in a bar, the founders discovered that many food packages had ‘super’ written on it. They wanted to give the brand a Japanese touch and came up with the name Superdry.
  • 極度乾燥(しなさい) is part of the logo and featured on almost every Superdry garment. We have no idea how to pronounce it, but these Japanese characters mean ‘super’.
  • No other than David Beckham wore the Superdry Brad Leather Jacket, and it was sold out within minutes. In 2007, Victoria’s husband was seen wearing the leather jacket, which cost less than £175 back then. Today, the jacket is a whopping £300!
  • Superdry had a collab with Idris Elba in 2015. The British actor was thrilled to collaborate with Superdry and designed a collection of 250 pieces.
  • Superdry has nothing to do with the popular Japanese beer brand Asahi Superdry. According to the founders, it’s pure coincidence that the name already existed in Japan. 

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