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Statistics for this brand

Total number of products748
Number of products on sale237
Percentage of products on sale32%
Number of shops with Dr. Martens supply12
Maximum discount on Dr. Martens58%
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Why you want to buy Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens is a British brand and known for its iconic boots, especially the 1460. The shoes are super comfortable and very popular among celebrities, and even the late Pope John Paul. Whether you want to highlight your personality or just a pair of super comfy shoes that last a lifetime, Dr. Martens boots are selling like hotcakes. The brand only uses premium materials to ensure the shoes will last forever. Dr. Martens boots go with any style and really finish your outfit.

The story behind Dr. Martens

In 1945, 25-year-old doctor Klaus Maertens injured his ankle during a ski trip and returned home early. Back then, all shoes had leather soles that weren’t flexible. Maertens needed a comfortable shoe for his recovery, so he and his friend Herbert Funck put their heads together. They came up with an alternative: soles made of air cushions, now known as AirWair.

Maertens developed a comfortable alternative to the army boots that European soldiers wore during WWII. The boot was designed with the labourers in mind. They had to wear shoes with stiff soles that weren’t comfortable at all. The newly designed boot was meant to make working days a lot easier on them. But the air-cushioned soles became very popular among housewives and ladies over 40. The couple didn’t have an overseas customer, until the English Giggs family heard about the invention. The family company Giggs was founded in 1901, and the Giggs’ were renowned for their craftmanship and quality of work boots.

The Giggs family and Maertens decided to join hands, and the Dr. Martens brand was born. They put the craftmanship of Giggs and the air cushion technology of Maertens together, and the first boot was released in 1960. Maertens’ original lace-up design was used, but Giggs added some iconic aspects. The boot was named the 1460 and featured the striking yellow stitching, an AirWair loop and the grooved sole edge. The boots were made at the Cobbs Lane factory in Wallaston. Up to 2003, Dr. Martens produced all their boots in this factory.

Dr. Martens: the production and priorities

High quality has always been the number one priority for Dr. Martens. They strongly believe in keeping in touch with the working class, since they know best what standards a comfortable shoe should meet. Ever since the first boot, 1460, was manufactured, Dr. Martens has stayed true to their beliefs and priorities. The shoes are still sleek, sturdy and have a high-quality standard.

You don’t just buy a pair of Dr. Martens boots; you buy them for life. The premium leather upper and PVC sole are sustainable. The sole is made with a special casting machine. PVC is resistant to oil and acids, but softens with wear reducing the risk of splitting and cracking. The AirWair construction provides great cushioning support every time you put pressure on the shoe.

The PVC sole and upper are connected by fusing them under extreme temperatures. No glue is used, meaning the sole and upper always stay attached. The excess PVC part is ground away, which creates grooves in the sole. This can be seen on every pair of Dr. Martens.

Dr. Martens and popularity

Dr. Martens believes that your personal identity is essential. The boots highlight your personal lifestyle and show your emotions. This is why so many subcultures embraced the shoes.

The skinheads were the first subculture that adored the cool boots. Today, the skinhead is associated with violent and extremist youth, but things weren’t so bad in the 1960s. The skinheads back then were anything but racist, and listened to Ska and Soul music. To them, the boots were a way of showing that they were strongly opposed to the government, since Dr. Martens referred to their working-class origins.

Together with leather jackets and safety pins, the Dr. Martens boots were the symbol of the punk look in the 70s. Punkers believed that it was all about individuality, and wanted a society with no power and authority. To the Punk culture, wearing Dr. Martens was a way of expressing oneself. Even punk bands like The Sex Pistols and The Clash embraced the boot, and made it part of their artistic performances.

Today, Dr. Martens are no longer associated with any particular subculture. People from all walks of life wear the iconic shoes. The brand revolves around the simple fact that Dr. Martens are made for people, by people.

Dr. Martens maintenance

A pair of Dr. Martens will last a lifetime, but they do require some care. Dr. Martens wonder balm will keep your shoes in excellent condition. The mix of coconut oil, beeswax and lanolin gives maximum protects and cleans the leather. It’s essential that you regularly apply the balm to keep the leather smooth and soft. Make sure you only use the maintenance product on leather, and not on other materials like suede.

Dr. Martens outlet

Dr. Martens shoes are made of premium materials, but this comes with a price tag. Is the price not within your budget? No worries! Here are a few tips to buy Dr. Martens for outlet prices.

#1 Shop during the sale

During the sale, you may find Dr. Martens offers. Keep an eye on the sale and catch them while you can.

#2 Sale Alert

Shopping is fun, but nothing beats paying less for your Dr. Martens. At SuperSales, you can set a Sale Alert. Go to your personal account and tick the box that says Dr. Martens. Now select the category, your size and favourite colour. All set? From now on, you’ll receive the best offers in your mailbox. Happy shopping!

Dr. Martens fun facts

  • Dr. Martens boots are also called Docs or DMs.
  • The name Dr. Martens is still included in the Southern Poverty Law Center’s racist skinhead glossary.
  • The 1460 is named after the release date. The boot first saw the light of day on 01-04-1960.
  • No other than Pope John Paul thanked Dr. Martens in a letter. He loved the white customized pair! Charlotte Hagan collected everything from Dr. Martens to put on display in a museum. The letter from the Pope became the showpiece of the exhibition.
  • Nowadays, the boots are manufactured in Asia. Since 2003, only the customized editions have been made in the old factory in Wallaston.
  • Vegan Dr. Martens boots are available. Instead of a leather upper, synthetic polyurethane (PU) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is used.
  • The brand has had collabs with great designer like Commes des Garçon and Yohji Yamamoto.
  • Pharell Williams and Rihanna wore the boots to an NYU graduation ceremony. The shoe is still very popular among celebrities.
  • Breaking in Dr. Martens causes blisters. The shoes are hard to break in, but they are worth it. They are super comfortable once broken in.

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